How Do You Remove Teeth Stains?

When you see your smile in pictures or in the mirror, how do you feel? If you feel embarrassed due to discoloration, then give us a call! As dental professionals, we can offer solutions to discoloration with professional teeth whitening. We can remove teeth stains and help you obtain a smile you can proud to how the world.


When Do I Choose Porcelain Veneers?

When Do I Choose Porcelain Veneers? Some cosmetic issues with your smile may not make you feel self-conscious. Maybe you have a small gap in your front teeth that gives you some pride in your smile. If you have a healthy smile that makes you feel confident, you already have a perfect smile. When your smile makes you feel self-conscious, when you ever find yourself smiling with your mouth closed, or when you use your hand to cover your smile when you talk or laugh, your smile is in need of some help. Porcelain veneers can give you that smile that will make you feel confident. When do you know when to choose veneers over other cosmetic options? (more…)

Root Canal Therapy Can Save Your Tooth

Root Canal Therapy Can Save Your Tooth When dealing with tooth decay, it is important to treat it early to stop it from progressing into something serious. Without treatment, tooth decay can deepen within a tooth to the point where you may need to extract the tooth completely. At earlier stages of tooth decay, treatment can stop the decay before it reaches the point of a necessary extraction. Before the decay reaches the inner pulp, the tooth can be treated with a filling to stop the decay. Once decay has reached the inner pulp of the tooth, root canal therapy may be necessary to save the tooth.  (more…)

Frisco Book Fest

Frisco Book Fest The Frisco Book Fest is a festival for both readers and local writers. On Saturday, November 4th from at the Frisco Public Library, guests will have a chance to talk to local authors and illustrators. The festival will include author panels. Attendees of the event will get to learn more about the publishing process and more about the local literary community. Community partners, including Henery Press and the Writers Garret, will be participating to offer valuable information for local authors. This year is the second year of the Frisco Book Fest. The 2016 festival was the first year, and it was a huge success. This year the festival has been expanded to include more presentations and more author panels. The event is open to guests of all ages and there is no registration required to attend. (more…)

How Does Osseous Surgery Help With Gum Disease?

How Does Osseous Surgery Help With Gum Disease?In the early stages, gum disease can be treated and even reversed, if caught in time. If left without treatment, periodontal disease can get very serious and cause a lot of problems for your oral health. Advanced gum disease wreaks havoc not only on your gum tissue, but on the bones beneath the tissue. Osseous surgery is a type of periodontal procedure used to remove or recontour bone matter damaged by gum disease.  Osseous surgery removes bacteria and damage creating a revived, healthy area for a regrowth of gum tissue to reattach to the bone.  (more…)

What Are Some Types Of Periodontal Maintenance?

What Are Some Types Of Periodontal Maintenance?Gum disease is a very common chronic disease among American adults. In the early stage of gum disease, known as gingivitis, early treatment can stop it from progressing into something serious or it may even reverse the disease. Once gum disease is present, periodontal maintenance keeps the disease from advancing further. In the most serious stages of gum disease, it can cause tooth loss and severe pain. It can even lead to severe health problems in the rest of your body. You can work with your dentist to maintain your periodontal disease to keep the situation from worsening, as it will do with no treatment or action.  (more…)

Dealing With Your Dental Anxiety

Dealing With Your Dental AnxietyIf you get goosebumps just thinking about setting a dental appointment, you may have dental anxiety. You are not alone if you suffer from this fear. Many Americans suffer from this nervousness about going to the dentist. Some people even have a full fear over it known as odontophobia. Dental anxiety can keep people from maintaining their necessary routine appointments, which leaves them at a higher risk for developing tooth decay and gum disease. Your dentist wants to help you work through your dental anxiety, so talking to your dentist and the office team can help you work through the problem. Dental sedation is an option for extreme dental anxiety.  (more…)

Trick Or Treat The Square

Trick Or Treat The SquareIt may seem like it’s been around for months because Halloween decorations and aisles of candy start showing up in stores in September, but Halloween is here now. You and your family have probably already picked out your costumes. Have you set up your route for trick-or-treating? If you are looking for a safe and contained option to take the kids for candy, the Frisco Square Property Owners Association and the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children is hosting the 7th Annual Trick Or Treat The Square. The event gives families a chance to trick-or-treat at local businesses, restaurants, and shops around the square. (more…)

Preventing A Necessary Extraction

why need extractionMany major dental procedures can be prevented by maintaining good oral health or by treating problems early. A dental extraction is no different. There are some cases when a dental extraction would not have been able to be avoided, but many extraction scenarios could have been prevented. A common cause for dental extraction is severe decay or infection. Decay can be spotted early on, treated (or even reversed) long before it progresses to the point of infection or a necessary extraction. A severely damaged tooth may require extraction. A damaged tooth may be caused by an accident or tooth trauma that could not have been prevented. However, some tooth damage is the result of a tooth weakened by cavities, bruxism, or other treatable situations.  (more…)