Cosmetic Gum Surgery

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What is Cosmetic Gum Surgery?

Some periodontal issues may not pose an immediate threat to your oral health, but can still have drastic effects on your smile’s overall appearance – such as a gummy smile. When gum tissues are uneven or cover an excessive amount of tooth structure, the esthetic effects can make your entire smile seem uneven or “off-balance,” even if your teeth are perfectly aligned. Cosmetic gum surgery, also known as gum recontouring, addresses the esthetic aspects of your gums, and may include pinhole surgery, crown lengthening, or in some cases, gum grafting.

Esthetic and Functional Crown Lengthening

If your smile is “gummy,” then some teeth are more concealed by gum tissues than others, and can therefore appear smaller or asymmetrical. Esthetic crown lengthening will expose more of your tooth’s crown to match the teeth around it, and create a more attractive overall appearance.

If a tooth is damaged, and the damage extends underneath your gums, then functional crown lengthening may be necessary to effectively restore the tooth. Trimming away the surrounding gum tissue, and in some cases the jaw bone structure, will allow Dr. Vahadi enough access to the tooth to place an appropriate restoration.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Whether you require esthetic or functional crown lengthening, cosmetic gum surgery can offer several long-lasting benefits, such as:

  • Improved confidence in a more attractive smile
  • Easier periodontal maintenance and cleaning
  • Reduced risks of periodontal disease
  • The preservation of a significantly damaged tooth

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