Straighten Teeth Faster with Fastbraces® Technology

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Dr.Afshin Vahadi a proud Fastbraces® provider: braces technology that is fast,safe and affordable.

In addition to the visual benefits, straighter teeth also function better, and are easier to keep clean and healthy. If your teeth are out of alignment but you’re hesitant about traditional orthodontic braces, then you may be a candidate for Fastbraces®, which can straighten your smile just as effectively but in significantly less time!

How Do They Work?

Traditional braces consist of square brackets bonded to teeth and connected by archwires. They can take up to 18-24 months to successfully straighten teeth because they focus first on shifting your teeth’s roots, and then the crowns. By contrast, Fastbraces® consist of innovative, triangular brackets and a single archwire, which are able to move the roots and crowns of teeth simultaneously and achieve results in as little as three months.

The Benefits of Fastbraces®

As their name suggests, time is one of the most significant benefits of Fastbraces®. For over 20 years, Fastbraces have revolutionized orthodontics for thousands of patients, and their advantages also include:

  • Fewer visits to the dentist – Which means treatment is lighter on your schedule so you can keep up with the demands of daily life.
  • Less time with retainers – You won’t need to wear retainers for as long after your braces are removed.
  • Improved comfort – Their design makes Fastbraces much more comfortable compared to traditional braces.

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